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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Casual Music™ 5

Last days I've been working hard, compiling the fifth installment of my own music compilation CD's... They started as a way to compile some different and eclectic songs and pieces for my couple when he had to travel far away for long times. But one day he put the first 'Casual' in his office, and all his partners seemed to like the compilation... So I started creating one new CD whenever I felt I needed a new one....

...and here we're now. Of course, these CD's are only for my own home (I'm not trying to sell them or break any legal rule).

Casual Music is, I think, the most intimate and quiet CD in the series.... probably because of the winter time and my current feelings. There's place for some electronic, jazz, pure new age, folk.... all I really like. I've tried a new normalizing technique based on RMS power of the songs and dynamic compression so there will be no volume difference between songs (compiled from very different CDs) but no audio information is lost.

The CD is soft mixed with Mixmeister and I added some winter atmospheric sounds as transition between some of the themes.....

I know is not fair if I say it, but I think this is the best in the series, in sound quality, mixing and selection. Here we go with the track listing:

1. Karen Matheson - Morning
2. State of Grace II (Paul Swarthz) - Turning to Peace
3. Henry Mancini - Megeve (from Charade OST)
4. Sarah McLachlan - Time
5. Annie Lennox - The Sadest song I've got
6. Anders Widmark - Holly Hannah (Instrumental)
7. Dido - Stoned
8. Dusted - If I had a child
9. Enigma - Out from the deep + The Cross of Changes
10. Regina Carter - Après Un Rêve (Gabriel Fauré)
11. Maggie Reilly - Gaia
12. Kate Rusby - Underneath the Stars
13. Vanessa Carlton - Rinse
14. Mastretta - El Ultimo Habitante de la Tierra
15. Michael Gettel - Loch Ness (The Kelpie)
16. Claire Pelletier - Marcelle et Chrysostome
17. Natasha St-Pier - Nos Rendez-Vous
18. Pat Metheny - And Time goes on
19. Oystein Sevag - Evening

Now, I'm waiting for a good photograph to create the cover of the CD :). If you really really really are dying for more information regarding the CD drop me an e-mail.