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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Two New Photographs and Biography Section

Hi everyone, for today I've published two new photographs, and also I finally uploaded an updated "photographer" page for the portfolio web page (it seems like 24 hours after deleting the original page in the Terra web site, their bots clean the pages from the cache so the new page can be seen).

Anyway, we have two new photographs... an sky view from a Boeing 747 just after taking off Miami, and a sea view, with boat included. I hope you'll like them and I'll wait for your comments :).



Sunday, April 04, 2004

Portofolio changed.

Hi everyone,

finally I changed the portfolio style to something new for 2004. I'm still having some problems with the awful Terra hosting service. It seems like they have a big cache of pages and even if I use an FTP client to update my pages it takes ages to reflect in the web site. Terra is crap!.

Anyway, I also published a new photograph.... an experimental portrait taken while trying some new clothes in my last vacations. Comments are welcomed, as usual.