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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Another one bites the dust.... (aka. awful photofinish services)

This weekend I went to the Forum Barcelona 2004. I was carrying my Nikon F80 with Superia 100 film... an easy one. On sunday morning I decided to leave two rolls of film in a Kodak Express Center for developing and printing. I thought that an official Kodak shop just dedicated to photofinishing services should be good enough for my snapshots... What a horrible mistake!!.

I've never seen a work so badly done. unbelievable.... All photographs with an awful magenta cast, all painfully washed out and overexposed..... So, my word of advice for all of you leaving or passing by Sitges (Barcelona)... DON'T leave your rolls to:

Dirección : C\ Mayor, 32

You will be very dissapointed with the results!!!!!.


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