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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Fair Trade in the Barcelona 2004 Forum

Taken in the Forum Barcelona 2004, a meeting point for the, cultural diversity, sustainable development and conditions for peace (and much more). This one talks us about fair trade. How many coffee cups you have to drink for a Latin America coffee plant farmer to receive just the price you paid for ONE of them???????. "The excessive dependence of the majority of developing economies on the production of raw material, combined with low wages and almost inexistent labor laws, explain why the expanding international trade brought about by globalization has not generated the expected results in terms of human development".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the Forum Barcelona 2004 has let an high amount of people know about Fair Trade but it is still a minoritary action. Spanish education and new culture doesn't promote Fair Trade not even responsible consume habits or biological agriculture. We don't have enough information about it! but the worse thing is we don't have enough information about the huge damage we are causing to the developing economies and also to our planet!!

It would be needed such a radical change of our lives and of our minds ( the most important one) that is almost too much difficult to improve the present conditions of the developing economies but, as we use to say in Spain, Hope is the last thing we lose.


June 16, 2004 at 12:14 PM


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