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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Clouds Go By...

Taken last summer and forgotten.... Yesterday I was reviewing some photographs of my photo backup CDs... and I found this one... Amazingly it was taken with just a Sony DSC-U10, the first ultracompact camera from Sony, just 1.3Mp -enough for a 10x15 print-, and with almost no manual control over the shot... well!, some tricks could be applied in order to get the camera work the way you wanted. I've always liked this model. Superb lense quality, reeeeally fast startup time and shutter lag, plenty of space with just a 64Mb Memory Stick, and long battery life with two AAA batteries. Last year I used it almost whole vacations because of its size and fast response. No zoom can be used (about 40mm lense in 35mm eq.) so you must force your imagination to find good compositions for every situtation. Comments are welcomed!.


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