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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

W1 vs. V1

In the last days I've been following a thread in the Sony Forum of dpreview.com regarding a possible issue of the Sony Cybershot W1. As a result of the discussion a member of the forum stated that people who chose the W1 instead of the V1 where neophytes with no idea of photography.

I've been involved in photography for the last eight years so I don't consider myself a neophyte (nor a professional, of course).

So... I started thinking why choosing the W1 over the V1. I found several reasons, and I would like to share them with you. There they goes:

1. Processor speed.... I was tired of slow camera starts. I've missed lots of shots just because of the camera speed. I've never seen a camera as fast as the W12. That was really a REASON to choose between this and the V1.

2. Video Quality... I know the W1 is not a professional camera (as well as the V1 isn't too).... and the main use for my W1 is to take good captures of my vacations and special moments. In the last times we all have found a great way to present your shots is the use of a (S)VCD movie containing your shots along with nice music, titling, and so on.... being capable of adding some video shots to this, the final result is really enhanced.... so W1 video capabilities where really a plus to select the W1.

3. Within the years I've seen that when I want control over my shots I usually tend to think this way: "I need lots of DOF, or.... I don't want too much DOF -probably because I'm shooting portraits". That kind of control is possible with the W1. It's as simple as selecting one of the two possible apertures in the manual mode and then control the speed for your purposes. For a digicam work I don't really need the full range of apertures.

4. I won't discuss about the lense quality... surelly the vario-sonnar T* lens of the V1 is much better than the vario-tessar lens in the W1, but, if the main use will be 10x15 prints, and SVCD quality videos (where the maximum resolution is about 720x502 pixels)... the W1 is just a really good one. If I need a more professional result, I'll surely don't use a digicam like the W1 or the V1....

5. LCD Screen... oh my god... THAT's a reason. Now I'm taking problems looking at another digicams screen, or even my Nikon F80 viewfinder... the 2.5" LCD is just so great.....

6. Batteries.... oh man, it's so good to have NON proprietary batteries.... a couple of AA rechargeable batteries that will cost about 10€ and will last more than 150shots per load... that I can have three replacements in my bag for less than just one V1 battery...

6. Price. I live in Spain and there's still a difference of about 250-300€ between these two models.... well....


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