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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Summer Ends....

You know, after the big bunch of images I took during the summer it seems I've arrived to a new creative deadlock. No ideas for new photographs, no inspiration, no feel like going to take photographs.

It's not the first one and surely it won't be the last one. It usually happens after an intense period of photo taking. In the past these deadlocks made me upset, but now I've learnt to live with the feeling and just wait for "inspiration" to come back.

This time the deadlock it happened to come just when the summer is coming to an end in Spain. No more blue skies, weather becomes more cool... and inspiration goes away.

Funny enough, when I was coming home yesterday after work, and I was thinking about all these things I realized some amazing clouds starting to cover our ending summer sky. When I arrived home I quietly went for my digicam, went out home, looked for a nice spot and fired a couple of shots. Nothing stunning, but a record of a summer that will never come back, summer'04 is almost exhausted.


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